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Senin, 15 November 2010

SBY Mesti Cari Solusi Batin

Engkau Tabah dan Sabar, Engkau Tepat Kodrat!, Engkau Rupawan, WajahMu menawan, Engkau cermat dan penuh keberhati-hatian. Tinggi Besarmu sekilas mirip Soekarno dan Soeharto. TampilMu Syahdu, KepemimpinanMu Maju. Suaramu pun Merdu, Cakrawalamu ke atas dan kebawah. Engkau Terbuka, rawe-rawe rantas, malang-malang putung tercermin pada paradigmu. Pemberantasan korupsi itulah gerakan yang memukau RakyatMu.

Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Mengapa Indonesia Dirundung Bencana

Sidik Purnama Negara (2010) telah mengidentifikasi wahana Indonesia dirundung bencana yaitu a) Bermegah megahan dan bermewah mewahan. b) Melanggar sumpah yaitu 1) Melanggar sumpah ke Ilahian, 2) Melanggar sumpah Pemuda (NKRI), 3) Melanggar sumpah Jabatan Hidup.

Jumat, 05 November 2010

Sembilan Pengertian Hidup

9 Pekertening urip artinya Sembilan yang perlu dimengerti dalam hidup. Tuhan bukan aliran, tapi keadilan tuhanlah yang mengaliri seluruh sendi sendi kehidupan, adalah suatu kebijaksanaan yang kurang tepat manakala terjadi pengalir-aliran paham ketuhanan.

Kamis, 04 November 2010


Kahuripan iku seloka loka dharma. Arti dari seloka loka dharma betul betul mewarnai pembahasan kehidupan. Seloka loka dharma sungguh memiliki beberapa arti yang bermuatan kiasan.


Jerit tangis telah membasahi bumi pertiwi, lirih sudah dengung bisikan manis.
Tuhan sungguh Maha mendengar, Tuhan sungguh Maha Mengetahui, isak tangis terdengar, rintih bumi dikethui, jutaan fakta tindakan manusia ditangannya.


Millions of trees that grow / live (Live) is not embedded in the earth, millions of animals that do not span step shepherd, flock human tramp diverse acts of horns. In real life it was carrying out live the life that must be completed to perfection.

Plants carry out the task of living life to fulfill the life of a step, plant life of the agreement just grow and bear fruit according to time or season. Animals carrying out tasks to fertilize the earth, the agreement can only move his life, memamahbiak and breed. Man under the terms of its most precious human life in the world in the agreement that is set up, welfare, and prosperity of the earth. Observation of the existence of these creatures is the fact that life can not be refuted with the words but can be explained the existence of life. The presence in the life of assurance mechanism is accompanied by mutual need and how the arrangement.
How great was the nature of God's existence there. God exists than there has been no world and create the world, until one day the world is gone, just because and the handheld power, thus copyright only belongs to God alone. Without proper copyright by the user who created. Why? because that were created as a creative equal. As for when created and for what purpose, it is clear that the secret of the Creator. The following facts are characteristic evidence of His power grip.
Created the world and then scattering dat dat life as a means of living creatures and the livelihoods disemainya seed seed trees as a means of livelihood provision of the creation step of creation, then diguyurnya rain for fresh and fruit trees, then descended the steps creatures (animals and humans).
Billions of species, seedling growth and seed-added, and the sentient beings who walked with the gift of life itself own instincts. God really is the Greatest. All the creature really need to understand the tasks that characterized his own self. It's entire life has been locked and welded by a sacred promise to return to the Most Holy Creator ini.Hidup life that God's will, attempt to live in the tasks of life, that's livelihood, while the joint efforts in the spheres of livelihood (their interactions) that's life, and life ?
Javanese proverb essential (essential) mean life is the application (Application) taste that is always (always) rotates naluri.Pemahaman life needs to be supported by an understanding of the universe, especially solar, solar made up of the sun, moon, stars, and earth. Air is included in (be included) solar, meaning the air as a blanket of the universe is the only major dat who gives life and flavor, and air created by God. Executions only sentient beings rests on or between the earth and above the maximum, when the creatures of the earth rests on other planets is a bad-faith nature. However, when doing research is a must, based on appreciation majestic Creator of the universe, not pride perteknologian
Earth consists of land and sea creatures that are actually the realization are sentient beings on it. This is proven by always bergulirnya and bercokolnya grow plants that have been terkonsumsikan. How is due to the creatures of the earth if the earth has been reluctant to grow the trees, how the earth obedient to God Almighty, how loyal Earth to all beings on it, we should have mandatory menghayat and respect for the earth. What does the earth way of saluting? Sports is the earth in a way not greedy, though the concept was noble for the sake of the earth with memulyakan. Really and truly living is not for the greedy, remember all the lives of early life and matipun just lay naked and lying in the lap of earth. Stepping but full of resignation, and avoid the problem, that's the feature of noble creature on earth. Why should step being full of resignation? because in front of ada secret of God, which clearly can not be known to everyone, except the only man who desired to be able to read through the promptings of his life
Solar system the sun, moon and stars all of that actually being in charge of kehedak Creator, is an appropriate thing for human beings to believe the occupants or the dikodratkan to master this solar system, and is an error when used as worship, but only just respect or greeting uluk harmony, uluk regards safety is an obligation for the welfare of life among all creatures
Referring to the observation of the universe we can conclude that life is real but not the form or nature supernatural. Supernatural is something real but intangible (need a way to be able to view the form), as has been revealed that the air was a blanket over the universe that is also not seen any. Every life obviously very dominant in the air. The air is life giving god dat who provide the main livelihood for most creatures, with reflected just how delicate the air how much more subtle human life. The living is what by many people called Java Sukma or Nur Muhammad. Not the quilt uncovers secrets the author's intent of God, but contrary to the principles of noble purpose to life God's will, which must be known and fulfilled
The Sukma actually a light main murniyang created other than the light of life, this is mmerupakan evidence that humans are most Mulya. The Sukma is granted or is in every human being regardless of tribe or race of people. The Sukma is dat life's most perfect creation of God so that human beings are also called perfect. Behold, the man is a creature of the most noble and perfect, no man without noble and perfect, except that failure to control mounting desires, no wise man without exception who does not appreciate his life. Sukma was noble and perfect means do not want to hurt and would not hurt, the soul does not want to colonize and would not colonized, the soul does not want to lie and do not want to lie. The Sukma was sacred and purify, therefore it must be purified by way of controlling excessive lust
The main mandate for the soul is salvation, that salvation can only take people who created the most perfect creature to return to refinement. Basic safety and refinement is kemulyaan task values in action along the road of life on earth. Indeed kemulyaan trails have been implied in scripture his hand (his destiny). This is supposed to twist arms to find, but really do not need to be sought because it has run on its own self. Twist the hands of His will is as a cause and a sign that the mandate of the noble man is like but not the same. This statement is in accordance with the state of visual (face), as well as human fingerprints world no action following the same actions. Look for disposition or the role of our noble!
Stability of the definition of life is the application of a rotating flavor and always rolling (Javanese language "iku urip manggilingan chakra) is located in each organ or body living creatures or plants step. Every organ of life on earth was formed from the essence-essence (essence / essence) of the four elements (dat), namely the earth (soil), water, fire and air (wind). That is not an organ of life can live without water, no organ can live life without fire, and no organs can live life without land. Dat must have a nature, nature must have had the impact of sense. Dat nature affecting taste, flavor is in each organ of the body and always spins. This is what life is detailed in the application of flavor in rotates. This means that shows the reality of life. Like the banana tree , from the start there is growing in the earth's shape, and was still growing banana trees, flowers and fruit was still feels banana, no banana fruit corn. Chicken for example, from the start is in the earth until now remained breed of chicken, no chicken breeding geese. So is human, as being the noblest organ of governance and good sense and feelings of human remains should be humane. it is proof that life is the application of taste which is always rolling, and noble is the perfect tool towards the Creator, congratulations on duty noble life.

Seruan Abad Kemuliaan

Terlebih dulu ada lebih baik para pembaca melakukan renungan suci hidup, demi keheningan dan tumbuhnya keseimbangan antara akal (pikiran), budi(tindakan) dan perasaan.Renungi dan hayati dengan teliti bacaan di dalam tulisan ini, tiada guna baca tanpa penghayatan serta tindakan nyatanya.